We ensure the long-term success of your investment.



Operations & Maintenance are significant components of managing solar energy facilities and are discussed during the pre-construction phase and implemented after construction to ensure the long term viability of your solar investment.    

Solential’s team has extensive experience in optimizing a solar energy facility's performance and offers a comprehensive operational agreement called “SolView” that will help extend the life of your system.  SolView takes an in-depth look into your system’s production, your facility’s consumption of power, and weather data and provides a unique look at your environmental offsets. Solential’s monitoring team utilizes SolView to monitor your system 24/7/365 to collect data, which allows us to be proactive in finding any faults in your system before they happen.  Below is an in-depth look at what SolView offers.

Preventative and Corrective Actions

  • Visual inspection of all components
  • Visual inspection of fencing, gates, locks, access ways, pathways and columns clear of debris and up to code 
  • Visual inspection of systems ground/roof/parking structure area to be clear of debris and up to code
  • Visual Inspection of all required signs to ensure system is up to code
  • Send inspection report to Owner and/or Partners designated point of contact

Annual Comprehensive Site Evaluation

  • Ensure access gates, doors, fencing, hatches and/or locks are fully functional and adhere to all codes
  • Clear area of all debris that may block access and pathways
  • Visual inspection of drains to make sure they are not blocked or plugged
  • In case of ground mount: mow, trim and spray all necessary areas
  • Ensure that all signs are posted, legible and updated
  • Clean entire surface of array, consisting of every panel with power washer with spotless/filmless solution only
  • Check that all panels are tightened to manufacturers torque specification
  • Check all panel connections to ensure they are secure to frame
  • Check all conduit runs to ensure junctions and inputs to all combiners are tightened
  • Ensure all seals and housings of combiners are secure and tight
  • Clean all filters and clear debris from inverter housing and filter insert
  • Inverter diagnostics
  • Check AC/DC disconnect to be accessible and properly labeled
  • Perform AC disconnect test to verify inverter shut down
  • Perform breaker test to verify functionality

We offer the most comprehensive operations and maintenance agreement available. We stand behind our systems to ensure complete satisfaction for each component.