We offer scalable power solutions.

We lead the charge in sodium-based batteries.

A new battery technology is emerging in the renewable energy space, challenging more traditional battery solutions. Though traditional batteries can provide smaller scale power solutions, they are not built to provide the scalability commercial business owners require when assessing alternative energy options for their business and energy reduction initiatives. The advent of sodium-based batteries has created achievable scalability for businesses.

We harness and deliver performance benefits.

  • Capable of storing excess solar PV power generated by an installed PV plant for use later in the day
  • Provides two to three hours of backup power the event of grid power loss, using a scalable system that provides necessary backup power in times of need
  • Reduces costs by utilizing energy that was stored during non-peak usage windows
  • Operates at a higher temperature, reducing HVAC needs and increasing battery life

We deliver solutions with long-term applications.

  • Sodium-based batteries yield higher cycle performance, with the potential for a 20-year lifespan 
  • Built-in battery management systems (BMS) features a safeguard for overcharging and allows customers to remotely monitor all attributes
  • Features a depth of discharge up to 80 percent
  • No significant performance degradation when operating in higher temperature