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Let's look at a Case Study

Sometimes the best way to convey a complex solution is to look at an example.

Johnson Grain

Location: Atlanta, IN
Solution: Solar PV Ground Mount
Est. Energy Savings: $10,000 Annually
Size: 90 KW
Est. Annual Production: 122,763 kWh

Across the Midwest we have all types of farming, from grain, to soybean, to corn we understand farming and how farms operate. During harvest season we realize that this is the time you are going to be using most of your electricity to power your business.



A local grain farmer was tired of her high electric bills and wanted a long-term option of reducing her utility costs. Solential was able to engineer and design a custom energy solution that was able to help this grain Farmer achieve energy savings.




Solential helped this customer apply for the proper USDA grants by recommending them to Prosperity Ag, (a grant writing company). This allowed the customer to save up to 25% off the total project cost for building the Solar Array to offset their energy consumption. (Total Project Savings $20,000)




We would love to help you explore your options of cost-saving, turn-key solutions to fit your farm's needs.