Bringing complex energy solutions to the heart of America

Renewable energy is no longer a "nice to have."

Renewable energy has always been a values-driven decision for companies, but in recent years, it's also become a financial one. While investing in renewable energy is a must for companies, understanding programs, incentives, regulations and utilities can be daunting and cumbersome. That's why we're here - to easily and efficiently guide you through the process of understanding these key components, allowing you to invest confidently and intelligently in the best solutions.

Where expertise meets agility for industry-best results.

Industry Experience: Solential has developed projects throughout the United States and the Caribbean, which allows us to access a global source of expertise for successful elimination of unnecessary learning curves.

Structured Finance: We understand the unique finance structure of tax, equity, and leverage in order navigate the financial development of each project.  

Innovative Engineering: Our processes, proven through experience and efficiency, enable us to get your project to market on time and on budget.

Purposeful Integration: Unlike vertically integrated companies who propose a one size fits all solution; we are constantly evaluating, designing, and procuring new technologies in order to bring you the solution that best fits your needs.

Delivering on our promise.

We have designed and implemented many solutions for rural financed and third-party ownership models allowing for the integration of Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) or Solar Thermal options.  Our partner collaboration allows us to take the guess work out of rural scale solar and getting your solar commitment turned up quickly, efficiently, and achieving your power and energy goals.