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Let's look at a Case Study

Sometimes the best way to convey a complex solution is to look at an example.

Community Solar Project

Location: Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri
Solution: Solar PV Ground Mount
Total Size: 1.88MW
Est. Annual Production: 2,552,853 kWh

With the ever-growing demand for Solar Energy in communities across the Midwest, one Utility company turned to Solential for help in providing their members a Community Solar Opportunity. Community Solar allows customers of a utility company to enjoy the benefits of Solar power by purchasing blocks or owning a part of a solar array. This is quite popular for customers that live in areas that don’t allow Solar. Examples would be (Apartments, Condos, Urban Cities, etc.)


A local utility company wanted to give those types of members the opportunity to be green and invest in renewable energy. Individuals from that utility company were able to purchase blocks or sections of the Solar Array. In return those customers were able to purchase the energy generated by their section of the Solar Array at a reduced cost from their normal retail rate of electricity. This led to monthly cost savings for all members that participated in the community Solar Project.



Let us help you explore ways to utilize solar production and energy storage in ways that fit your utility and community goals.